woensdag 19 oktober 2016

Update 20-10-2016

So i haven't been udated here for a while. Also latetly been very sick but this Friday have an appiontment with this new hospital. They better gonna help me now! Because im Sick of being Sick! I trowing up a lot an been exhaused very much! I even have hard time breathing or walking. And everything hurt. Ow and handdeache every single day 2! And soooooo tired!

Also i was not aware this blog would even be read be people. So i didn't do a thing with it for a while because of it 2. But apparantly it does. But i am thinking 2 reboot this one into an Site. But that will take some time tho. And lots of energy 2. So i have 2 think about that one.

But for now i will check it for once in a while.

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