zondag 10 april 2016

Update: of my Health..

Well my health is just sucks actually.. And I'm getting very tired of it! I have lot's of pain in my stumic and belly also i trow up a lot.. So my throat is all sore.. And i get very exhausted from all this as well.. So i got no energy what so ever. Can't sleep from the pain as well so that sucks too.. Also if you know me, you know i got years of problems with my bowels.. So im bloated all the time because i can go only when i use laxatives.

So the only thing i can do for the moment is wish for a day with a less of pain. I'm busy with hospital and all.. But that is all a long traject to begin with.. So yeah that's great.. But doesn't work for me right now does it! i need a solution RIGHT NOW! Not just about a fucking year from now an!

Can't concentrate on anything at the moment.. I can't go out for a walk or do something creative or just whatever! And it really annoying's me'..

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