zondag 28 februari 2016

Fun with Snapchat! Haha..

So i have more photo's uploaded if you haven't noticed yet here are the links:
Also i made an new link for video's so check that out as well!

So after spending a lot of time today on my laptop working on my blog, i needed a break.
So first i dye my hair in silver shampoo and leave it in for 1.5 hour. To get ride of that annoying yellow color! I'm so sick of that yellow glow of the bleaching in my hair. It's sooo ugly..
But i think the silver shampoo worked a little bit. It didn't get all the yellow out. So i will do it again tomorrow. And maby it turns even blue than. But i donĂ½ mind that at all actually. I think that's very awesome as well. Your hair can turn blue if you leave it to long. I actually suspected already to turn blue, because i leave it in for 1.5 hours. And the distinction says don't leave it in longer than 5 minute.. Haha.. But i got this tip of an youtube video. Super Awesome!

This picture was taken yesterday.

This picture was taken yesterday.

So what you think? Less yellow? Can you see any difference's? I must say on this picture my hair is still very wet tho.. I really need to take an picture tomorrow when my hair is dry and in the sun light for the good comparison.

Well let me show you what i do when i get bored with myself and how i make fun with myself.
Also i went to my neighbor to have fun. 
I'm sure you can enjoy this. 

Also got some Snap pictures.
My god! This made me laugh sooo hard! Hahaha..
Alien Face!
Hahahaha! Look at my old Face!
Bambi Eyes haha..
My God that's some BIG nose!

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