zaterdag 13 februari 2016


So this is a bit late update actually.. But all the drama has upset me tho..

So i went to the doctor for that referral. And guess what he wont give it to me. And he gave me an referral for an anorexic clinic behind my back. And the fact that he called me earlier on the phone and told me that he had an referral for an stoma, he all denied that on this appointment ever saying this to me! But my neighbor was just sitting next to me when he made that call..
Anyways i go see a new doctor now. Next Thursday i have an appointment with her and my Dad will come with.. So hopefully we get an referral for the hospital of Doetinchem and request my own file about whats the reason of registration of the anorexic clinic. Because they other doctor wont give me that either.

Also this week i had a lot of bellyache that the doctor send me to the ER. Because he was thinking of appendicitis. So i went there with my Dad. And really we waited for 2 hours before help!
finally i get help! They took 6 tubes of blood from me. And they need my pee.. They give me infusion. And then i needed to wait for the results to come back, that took like an hour.
So the results where back, nothing was wrong.. So they send me to the gynecologist who did internal investigation. Also perfectly fine! But he could see that my bowels where full!

So back at the ER.. They told me i don't have constipation and that the laxatives causes these pain problems.

My god! What a waist of time this is! I really do know the difference between laxative belly cramps or constipation pain! And the nurse told me i don't have that much bloated belly.. But she doesn't know how my belly normal look like, does she!
Once again they don't take me seriously..

Here below i will show you my belly.. The difference between normal belly and bloated belly..

Left is Normal, Right is Bloated..

Left is Bloated, Right is Normal..
Left is Normal, Right is Bloated..

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