Quotes can say so much in so short and words.
It can be so powerful and intense of what you really feel inside.
I have fond many quotes that i related to. 
Maby you do to... 

Yeah.. Sadly..
Not really.. I try too.. For me it's like: You need to image 5 people around you. And they are talking to you all at once. It's very lout, noisy. You try so hard to understand what they say, but you can't because they talk all together. And this makes you sooooo CRAZY and at some point you can't handle this chaos anymore. And you get insane of it. And you wanna kill yourself. Well that happened to me one day. I tried to kill myself. I took an overdoses.. For 4 day's i couldn't stand up on my legs.. And was sleeping a lot.. After i talked to the doctor and we fond out i got ADD. So it's not crazy i lost my mind and finally tried to kill myself. I'm now on medication and my mind has a bit more peace. But still i don't get enough dosses medication just half of what i actually need. Because my doctor don't wanna help me. But i have a new doctor know. So i can try it with her know.
Getting love from your cat.. The only TRUE LOVE that exist.
Banning your head against the wall..
And go i am..
Damn Right!
Try too
I have think this why for a long time. But know I'm trying to make new contact's on the internet. And i would love to have an relationship one day. But i don't believe in love anymore. So this person really needs to persuaded me that love still exist. And this person needs to be crazy to be in an relationship with me. Because I'm difficult to be around with. But also easy at the same time.. You need to be very honest and open with me all the time. Then your good.  
Kinda right.. Well Totally right.. But i can handle the feeling pretty well.. Sure i got bad day's.. But who doesn't.
Most of the time..
Exactly what i mean!
Well im getting to learn it.. But that's only because i just don't have the energy for it anymore!
Sadly YES.. No one loves me.. Im always the one who loves they other one much more..
When i fond this one.. Wauw.. THANK YOU!! Know i know why! Haha..
So many people they think they know it all! My God just FUCK OFF!!
Nothing more to at..
I never am!
Just mind you own fucking business!!
So tread me well or i will burn you to the ground!
If you TO STUPID to understand my SARCASM, I CAN'T FUCKING HELP YA!!
Exactly! After strike 2 your OUT of my GODDAMN life!!
So fucking annoying!
Damn right! I'm already feeling alone so whats the point here!
Or i will break your fucking neck!
Damn right BITCH!
Fuck it..
Sadly yes..
I wont!
I know!
Happens all the time.
Exactly.. On those day's i just wanna disappear for a while.
I wander sometimes..
I guess so..
Kinda my favorite picture.. So done with everything! I'm so tired of all. Just wanna have a peace of mind. No more bullshit, no more pain. But that's never gonna happen I'm afraid!
I feel alone ALL THE TIME! Even tho i know i'm not alone. I just feel i huge loneliness..
When you got PTDS
Unless you get nightmares then your s'rued 
Or make-up that will do it 2..Haha..
So true!

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